What is Weak Heart about?

Weak Heart is a story about Thomas Madigan, a very tired magician, and Isla, a very stubborn selkie. It's the world's most frustrating buddy cop story, if you will, featuring blood, magic, nightmares, a lot of banter, and some intense gay pining. 

Are there any content warnings for this story?

Yes! While Weak Heart has no scenes of a sexual nature, there is a lot of strong language, blood, and light violence. 

For those reading along online, any sensitive scenes will have content warnings at attached to each chapter.

Weak Heart would be rated T for teen; continue accordingly.

How do I read Weak Heart?

You can read Weak Heart for free on this website! If you want to own it, Weak Heart is available in full to purchase as an e-book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo. It’s available as a paperback through Amazon.

I can’t afford to buy, but how can I support you?

Read the story! Tell your friends! If you like it, leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon! 

Who did your art?

The art, photos, and design that you see here were created by a variety of talented people, including @jessethejoyful @dancingwithdinosaur and Anna Racine. Wanna know who drew something? Click on the photo!

Who are you?

I'm Ban! Nice to meet you.